KGI|BPO, introduces Waterproof and Dustproof value for money and smart phone
May 8, 2018
“My waste Your waste Our Waste”
May 25, 2018


Dear Reader

Bacterial waste causes transmission of disease, if not treated properly could cause further burden on any community and/or department. KGI Holdings is proud to be a part of the fight against improper disposal and/or treatment of medical equipment and excited to announce we will be attending Africa Health week as the distribution and sales partner to CISA Sterilization Systems one of the six leading world groups in infection control, CISA offers its customers complete sterilization solutions as well as technical services, spare parts, and consumables worldwide. CISA off clients throughout the world small and large-scale sterilization solutions and their sustainable approach lead to energy and water optimization for sterilization centers which we aim to bring to Africa in the myths of finite resources.

CISA’s partnership with South African company KGI | BPO the only BBBEE Level one BPO in South Africa is set to optimize and monetize resources uniting with the national agenda in the fight against unemployment & poverty in South Africa. The KGI ethos is based on sustainable profitable partnerships “Born in Africa to serve Africa led by Africans”.

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Antoinette Eckersley

Chief Executive Officer

KGI Holdings (PTY) Ltd.

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